Formwork Refurbishment

Cleaning of the formwork elements off-site is more cost-effective and efficient than on-site cleaning. We can provide this service for you. We have recently invested in a state of the art cleaning facility which is ideally suited for all brands of framed formwork. Gael Form will evaluate, clean, repair and refurbish any formwork to the highest standards in a cost effective and effiencent manor.

Our refurbishment service involves five differnet stages:

1. Evaluation

We will evaluate all formwork supplied. We check for any flaws or damage that may need repair. Then depending on the level of cleanliness and/or damage the following criteria is used to assess formwork:


Clients will be provided with a schedule setting out the items received, the condition of each item and the steps required to refurbish each item.

2. Clean

Normal dirt is firstly removed using a high pressure cleaner with up to 2000 bar pressure. The panel is then fed through our panel cleaning machine which provides extensive cleaning to the highest standard.



3. Repair

If the panel shows excessive damage and wear, the panels can be fully repaired. Holes and small damaged areas on the face of plywood are drilled out and the area is capped with repair insert discs. For your safety we recommend that the plywood be replaced where more than 8 discs cover a squared metre.



4. Refurbishment 

Any minor damage/ cracks in steel frames are welded to reinstate the frames integrity.                                           




Doka panel before refurbishment                                                                                       Doka panel after refurbishment


5. Painting

Where requested we can paint your formwork to your own  specifications.